What is an External Connector?


External Connectors image

External interface connectors for connecting equipment to other equipment.

Many connectors conform to the communication standards.


External D-sub Connectors

D-sub Connectors Are Ideal for Office Automation Interfacing

XM2/XM3 D-sub connectors

XM2/XM3 D-sub connectors image

  • DIP terminal, solder cup terminal, or SMT-type can be selected according to the mounting method
  • Connectors are shielded to protect against EMI
  • XM3-LS Slim D-sub connectors help reduce board mounting area by 33% (compared with previous models)
XM2S D-sub Connector Assembly Hoods
  • Metallized plastic hood provides excellent noise protection.
  • Connectors are available with cables connected horizontally so the space behind the connectors can be used more effectively.

XM2S D-sub Connector Assembly Hoods image


D-Sub Connectors

ClassificationModelAppearanceContact pitchType

D-Sub Connectors

D-Sub Connectors

XM3A/XM3CXM3A/XM3C image2.74mm 2.76mmPlug
XM3B/ XM3D/XM3FXM3B/XM3D/XM3F image2.74mm 2.76mmSocket

D-sub Connector Assembly Hoods

XM2S- □□1□XM2S-□□1□ image--Straight
XM2S- □□2□XM2S-□□2□ image--Right-angle
XM2S-EXM2S-E image--ESD Protection

D-Sub Connectors

XM2C-L/ XM2E-LXM2C-L/XM2E-L image2.77mmPlug
XM2F-L/ XM3B-LXM2F-L/XM3B-L image2.77mmSocket

SMT-type D-Sub Connectors

XM3KXM3K image2.74mmPlug
XM3LXM3L image2.74mmSocket

High-density D-sub Connectors

XM4KXM4K image2.29mmPlug
XM4LXM4K image2.29mmSocket

Slim D-Sub Connectors

XM3C-LSXM3C-LS image2.74mmPlug
XM3B-LSXM3B-LS image2.74mmSocket

USB Connectors

ClassificationModelAppearanceContact pitchType

USB Connectors

XM7A/XM7BXM7A/XM7B image2.0mm 2.5mmUSB2.0
XM7DXM7D image0.8mmUSB2.0 mini-USB

LAN Modular Jack Connectors

ClassificationModelAppearanceContact pitchType

LAN Modular Jack Connectors

XM9BXM9B image2.04mmRight-angle DIP terminals


Machine tools / Semiconductor production equipment / FA equipment / Industrial robots / Amusement machines