Does Omron have a small high-capacity snap-action switch?

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Omron’s basic switch D2F is small sized and can be used for high-capacity switching.


Omron’s smallest basic switch that can be used for high-capacity switching is the ultra subminiature basic switch: Type D2F.


Note that our highest-capacity switching model is type V 21A, but consider the electric life of any type.

Model and Rated Current

  1. V size: V-21 / 21 A
  2. S size: SS-10A / 10 A
  3. J size: D2F general type / 5 A
* AC ratings are described above.

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Quick tips

Switching capability is proportional to the cross-sectional area and capacity of the contact as well as the size of the corresponding terminal. High-capacity switching capability also increases the size of the basic switch.

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Related Questions

Which basic switches are inrush resistant?
The higher the rated current, the stronger the resistance to the inrush current. While the inrush current value is not described in the catalog, consider the rated current values.
When do you use a basic switch?
A basic swItch is used to cut off the electrical circuit directly.
Does Omron have a high-capacity waterproof model (IP67)?
We have the following sealed basic switches (IP67) with high capacity:
V size: D2VW / rating 5A
S size: D2SW / rating 3A
J size: D2HW / rating 2A

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