When do you use a basic switch?

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A basic swItch is used to cut off the electrical circuit directly.


The high-capacity type basic switch can directly cut off the main power circuit. Also, the signal circuit does not require any circuit, such as an amplifier, and consumes less power.

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Related Questions

Does Omron have a small high-capacity snap-action switch?
Omron’s basic switch D2F is small sized and can be used for high-capacity switching.
Which basic switches are suitable for microload?
Our basic switches with rated current of 0.1 A support microload.
How do I properly choose between a basic switch and a sensor?
Basic switches and sensors are both used for detection of an object (workpiece). A basic switch has a simple structure that helps to save energy and directly opens and closes both DC and AC circuit by the contacts. Its snap-action mechanism creates a click feeling that is required for some devices (e.g. computer mouse).

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