Unlocking Weather Insights with LoRa: Revolutionizing Weather Station Communication


OMRON’s upcoming webinar in November will highlight key advantages offered by the weather station within Agriculture, Energy, and Smart City applications. Cary Horan, Business Development Manager, will be discussing current trends and challenges within these industries, and how OMRON engineers are working to address these concerns. Join and discover how the OMRON weather station is a key component for all weather-tracking needs. During this hour-long webinar, discussions will include:

  • An Introduction to the OMRON IoT module
  • An overview of the OMRON Weather Station
  • Key applications that can find advantages with these devices


Microswitch built into a mouse

Cary Horan
Business Development Manager

Cary Horan attended Georgia Institute of Technology where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently the Business Development Manager for OMRON Electronic Components, serving as America’s technical contact for OMRON’s diverse sensor product offerings. He has expertise in the manufacturing field, including IoT, Healthcare, and Agriculture applications.