Itron Inspire 2023

Itron inspire OMRON Join Us for Our Premier Customer-Focused Event OCT. 22-27, 2023 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

This year OMRON thrilled to be an attendee of Itron’s industry-leading event, Itron Inspire 2023! Connect with us in person as we discuss integrating renewables and DERs, maximizing the life of aging infrastructure, and addressing carbon mandates. Learn more and register today to ignite innovation.


Tucker Abe
Business Development Manager

Tucker Abe is a Business Development Manager at Omron focusing on the Energy industry. Tucker has over 10 years’ experience within the automotive, electronics, and chemical industries prior to joining OMRON. His roles ranging from sales and marketing to quality, supply chain, and product management ensuring a greater knowledge and perspective withing his area of expertise.