Bach Button Bach Button Image Borderless,Water Resistant Low Profile Button

Benefits- Product Advantages -

High-Value-Added Products:Application Oriented

Seamless housing design

Thinner bash button profile allows for wider slot machine display.

Attract players with impressive gameplay from linking animations between the operation deck and main display.


High degree of freedom in designing the operation deck

Material properties of our panel allow for it to be completely transparent while not illuminated and create sudden images once activated.

It is possible to expand the range of expression by using it together with the display.


High durability and water resistance

Realizing durability and water resistance suitable for casino environments.


High-Value-Added Products:Wide Range Technologies

Thin pressure sensor

By adopting a pressure sensitive sensor, Omron is able to minimize profile height without sacrificing the buttons operable lifetime.


Transparent flexible cable / transparent button (lens cover)

Ensures the visibility of the display by adopting transparent parts.


Sealed structure / drainage mechanism

Achieves high airtightness and drainage structure at the same time by adopting high design ability and special moldin.