Which basic switches are waterproof?

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Omron has basic switches with a degree of protection of IP67.


At IP67, water enters if the switch is opened and closed under water or the switch is continuously exposed to water. IP67 means that water does not enter if the product is submerged in water at a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes; it does not mean that the switch can be opened or closed under such an environment.

D2□W (W indicates support for IP67):

  • D2VW
  • D2SW
  • D2SW-P
  • D2FW-G
  • D2HW
  • D2JW
  • D2QW
  • D2AW

For more about ingress protection levels, please see "Switch Basics: Technology".

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Related Questions

What is the sealing performance (waterproof, dustproof, gas resistance) of a basic switch?
Omron basic switches have a lineup of IP40 to IP67 protective structures with waterproof and dustproof specifications conforming to the protective structure. We have sealed basic switches with IP67. Please note that we do not have standards for gas resistance.
Does Omron have a high-capacity waterproof model (IP67)?
We have the following sealed basic switches (IP67) with high capacity:
V size: D2VW / rating 5A
S size: D2SW / rating 3A
J size: D2HW / rating 2A
Does Omron have a waterproof model (IP67) with a small operating force (OF)?
We have the following sealed basic switches with minimum OF, as shown in the catalog:
・D2VW: OF 1.96 N / 200 gf (pushbutton), 0.59 N / 60 gf (long hinge lever)
・D2SW: OF 1.77 N / 181 gf (pushbutton), 0.59 N / 60 gf (hinge lever)
・D2HW: OF 0.75 N / 77 gf (pushbutton), 0.50 N / 51 gf (long hinge lever)

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