vol.281 June 2024

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I want to reduce flow processes, but...The order quantity is large...It takes time to select...

Development / Production Miniaturization/Reduced Man-hours/Improved Production Efficiency
We help you reduce flow processes.

Rapid advancements in surface mounting and miniaturization of leading semiconductors and essential passive components, like resistors and capacitors, are accelerating miniaturization and high-density mounting.
However, there are still issues that prevent the introduction of surface mounting and reflow soldering for electronic components.
OMRON contributes to product miniaturization and man-hour saving by offering a wide variety of reflow-compatible products in small lots.

Reflow process greatly reduces the mounting process.

We help you reduce waste and realize environmentally friendly management.

Reflow soldering process: Print and inspect cream solder, Chip mounter sucks and transports components, Apply heat to melt the cream solder for mounting and inspect the image. Flow soldering process: Pre-treatment (masking, terminal cutting/hand mounting), Flow soldering (flux application, preheating, jet flow soldering), Post-treatment/Visual inspection. Man-hours for reflow process only: Eliminate DIP components to reduce flow processes. Since it can also be installed on the back side, reflow can be completed in a single step, contributing to miniaturization and man-hour saving.

*1. Mounting condition: Assuming that Component A and Component B are mounted together
(when DIP terminals need to be cut due to board thickness and the back side of Component A is a solder-prohibited area on the circuit)

I know I should use reflow-compatible products, but...

Large order quantities of components are a problem...

Purchasing can be difficult when the minimum order quantity is several thousand pieces for small-lot production. Any excess will be disposed of and produce waste in terms of environmental considerations. Trying to use up the excess would require a lot of management man-hours...

Small-lot, small reel components of 96 models*2 *3 in
4 categories are available.

2,000-piece reel => 100-piece reel (Compatible products: FPC connector, DIP switch, Tactile switch, Detection switch, Photomicrosensor, PCB terminal block, Vibration sensor)

It takes time to select...

I have to look for compatible components from various manufacturers.
It takes time and effort...

Enhanced lineup of reflow-compatible products across
4 categories, available in 196 models*3 *6

Connector, Sensor, Relay/MOS FET relay, Switch. If you are considering the adoption of reflow-compatible products, please contact your OMRON sales representative.

*2. According to OMRON's research in April 2024. Four categories: connectors, sensors, relays, and switches.
*3. Models classified by the number of poles for DIP switches and connectors are not included.
*4. The quantity per reel is an example for switch B3SE. Small quantities vary depending on the product.
*5. Tape cut product
*6. According to OMRON's research in April 2024.

* Contents as of May 2024.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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