Environmental Sensors - Integrating various sensing capabilities into one single IoT sensor

Environmental Sensors

Integrating various sensing
capabilities into
one single IoT sensor



Can an individual purchase it?
It is limited to corporate customers and is not sold to individuals.
What is the minimum unit amount we may buy?
One unit.
I would like to get detailed information about the Environmental Sensors.
Please refer to the catalogs and the user's manuals of the Environmental Sensors series.
USB Type
Can I borrow the Environmental Sensors?
No, please consider purchasing the product.
Are the communication specifications published?
Yes, please refer to the user's manuals.
USB Type
What is the measurement accuracy?
Please refer to the environment sensor series catalog.
Can I record sound?
Sound recording cannot be done. Only acoustic pressure (noise) can be measured.
Can I export the product?
This product emits radio waves and may require authentication depending on a country or region.
For details, please inquire through our contact form.
Is it RoHS compliant?
Can Omron calibrate the product?
No, we do not provide a calibration service.
What kind of guidelines do you use for calculation of heatstroke alert level?
It is based on the heat index WBGT(Wet Bulb Globe Temperature).
WBGT is recognized as one of the effective guidelines for working and exercise environments, and is internationally standardized by ISO and other organizations.
Can I change the measurement interval?
The measurement interval is fixed to one second.
Can I log the sensing data?
The built-in flash memory can log 60,000 measurement data and can be read out any number of times. If the memory becomes full, data are overwritten from the oldest one.
Can I change the log interval to flash memory?
Data output can be set in seconds between 1 to 3600 seconds.
How do I retrieve measured data?
Please inquire through our contact form.
Is there a driver for 2JCIE-BU01?
It is downloadable from here.
Note that you must accept the Terms and Conditions to download the driver.
Can 2JCIE-BU01 eTVOC sort out gas types?
No. The output is total concentration.
The output contains CO2. Does it have a CO2 sensor?
No. The eCO2 (equivalent CO2) value is an equivalent value of carbon dioxide concentration calculated from TVOC value. It cannot directly detect CO2 concentration.
Can the power be supplied from devices other than a computer?
The power can be supplied from a USB port of an AC adapter or a smart tap.
Does measurement start when power is supplied?
When power is supplied, measurement and transmission of Advertise will start. Note that measurement data is saved in the flash memory after the time information is written.
Can I reset data on flash memory?
You can erase data saved on flash memory using the Memory reset function.