2JCIE series Software Download

Various software for using 2JCIE series.
Please refer to the every manual for installation method.

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Environment Sensor (USB Type)

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USB driver

File data 2jcie-bu01_usbdriver.zip
Updated date 2018.08.08
Version Ver.1.0
Model 2JCIE-BU01
Size 1,634KB

USB driver Installation manual

File data 2jcie-bu01_installationmanual_en.pdf
Updated date 2018.08.08
Version Ver.1.0
Model 2JCIE-BU01
Size 1148KB


File data rbt_sensor_app_dfu_pkg_0072.zip
Updated date 2021.09.01
Version Ver.0.72
Model 2JCIE-BU01
Size 121KB
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  • Changed to Ver.0.72
  • Minor correction: Review of VOC output value


  • Change to rev.0.70
  • Bluetooth® connection is available on iPhone 8 or later


  • Functional improvement: Revised the formula of heatstroke risk levels and discomfort index

Firmware update tool

File data EnvSensorUSB_DFU_v1.2.zip
Updated date 2018.09.30
Version Ver.1.2
Model 2JCIE-BU01
Size 21,299MB

Firmware update tool manual

File data 2jcie-bu01_firm_up_tool_manual_en.pdf
pdated date 2018.09.30
Version Rev.1.0
Model 2JCIE-BU01
Size 554KB