S-VSON 4pin; Surface-mounting terminals

Absolute Maximum Rating (Ta = 25℃)

LED forward current30mA
LED forward current reduction rate-0.3mA/℃
LED reverse voltage6V
Connection temperature125℃
Load voltage (AC peak/DC)60V
Continuous load current (AC peak/DC)400mA
ON current reduction rate-4mA/℃
Pulse ON current1.2A
Connection temperature125℃
Dielectric strength between I/O500Vrms
Ambient operating temperature-40~+110℃
Ambient storage temperature-40~+125℃
Soldering temperature260℃

Electrical Characteristics (Ta=25℃)

LED forward voltage Minimum1.1V
LED forward voltage Typical1.21V
LED forward voltage Maximum1.4V
Reverse current10μA
Capacitance between terminals30pF
Trigger LED forward current Typical-
Trigger LED forward current Maximum3mA
Release LED forward current Minimum0.1mA
Maximum resistance with output ON Typical1.1Ω
Maximum resistance with output ON Maximum1.5Ω
Current leakage when the relay is open Maximum1000(1)nA
Capacitance between terminals Typical12pF
Capacitance between terminals Maximum20pF
Capacitance between I/O terminals0.9pF
Insulation resistance between I/O terminals Typical10^8MΩ
Turn-ON time Typical-
Turn-ON time Maximum0.5(0.25)ms
Turn-OFF time Typical-
Turn-OFF time Maximum0.3(0.3)ms

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