What is the product life of DIP switches?

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The electrical durability (life) of DIP switches is more than 1,000 times for sliding type and more than 5,000 steps for rotary type (2,000 steps for A6A and A6C/CV types). Note that improper handling may often lead to shorter product life and/or damage. Please note soldering conditions and the direction of force applied to the operation part.


Shown below is a list of electrical durability (life) of each model. It is indicated by operation count for sliding type and step count (number of times to move one step) for rotary type.

Electrical Durability

Quick tips

Make sure to use the product properly. In actual use, the product may break earlier than its electric durability due to damage by excessive force, and/or it could have a shorter product life due to internal deformation caused by improper operation direction.

Examples of problems caused by applying the excess force to the actuator can be found on The SOLUTIONS [Operation Switch], which shows "Mechnism of failure occurrence" and"Checkpoint for prevention".

Failure Case
Checkpoint for Prevention
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