What are real code and complementary code in rotary DIP switches?

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There are two types of rotary DIP switch output methods: real codes and complementary codes. Most codes are real codes (positive logic), but the opposite codes are complementary. The codes are selected according to the circuit design at microcontroller input.


Omron rotary DIP switches have a 4-bit signal output, and the real and complementary code outputs are below. Our rotary DIP switches have both output codes for A6A, while other rotary DIP switches have only real codes.

Output Codes

Output Codes: 10-position models
Output Codes: 16-position models

For more details, visit A6A Datasheet.

Quick tips

A6A, sealed type (equivalent to IP64) model, is resistant to solder flux and dust intrusion, with the following knob varieties.

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