Which are the corrosion-resistant tactile switches?

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Our tactile switches with gold plating are resistant to sulfide and oxidation. We have products with gold-plated contacts in the following models.
・B3F (Standard: Through hole)
・B3SN (Sealed: Surface mounting)
** Items with -G (gold) at the end of the model are applicable.**


The gold-plated types have a gold-plated contact dome and contacts/terminals and are resistant to oxidation and sulfurization.
Also, sealed types are relatively resistant to oxidation and sulfurization, compared to the standard types.


For more information, see "What is a Tactile Switch?"

Quick tips

'Refer to the data (photo) of the accelerated sulfide test. It is only the data of the accelerated test, and evaluation must be performed using the actual environment.

Tactile switch:  Accelerated sulfide test
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