What are the differences between soldering terminals and #187 tab terminals for a basic switch?

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Soldering terminals and #187 tab terminals have the same outline and can be connected to #187 connectors. However, if the product requires conformity to the safety standards, do not use the soldering terminal as a #187 tab; otherwise the product cannot be guaranteed for the safety standards. The hole shape of the soldering terminal is not approved as a tab terminal according to the safety standards.


The soldering terminals of our V type basic switch have a “keyhole” shape, which combines the 2 holes of φ2.4 mm for easy insertion of lead wires and φ1.6 mm for the #187 connector. As a result, both soldering terminals can be connected, and the solder can flow easily with silver plating.

Solder terminals (A) / Quick-connect terminals (#187) (C2)

For more information, please see V Datasheet

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