What is the contact gap of a basic switch?

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The contact gaps for Omron’s basic switches are as follows:
V size: F gap / 1 mm / Standard value
S size: G gap / 0.5 mm / We also have F gap limited to NC specifications.
J size: H gap / 0.25 mm


The contact gap of a basic switch is determined largely based on its size. A larger contact gap is advantageous for withstanding voltage and DC cutoff, while a smaller contact gap is advantageous for repeatability of detection and electrical durability. In recent years, demand for a large contact gap has been increasing to withstand voltage requirements and power supply interruptions (primary and secondary), even in small sizes. A 1 mm gap variation has also been added to SS models.

Contact Gap

For more details, see "What is a Basic Switch?" Structures / Contacts.

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