Does Omron have a small high-capacity snap-action switch?

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Omron’s basic switch D2F is small sized and can be used for high-capacity switching.


Omron’s smallest basic switch that can be used for high-capacity switching is the ultra subminiature basic switch: Type D2F.


Note that our highest-capacity switching model is type V 21A, but consider the electric life of any type.

Model and Rated Current

  1. V size: V-21 / 21 A
  2. S size: SS-10A / 10 A
  3. J size: D2F general type / 5 A
* AC ratings are described above.

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Quick tips

Switching capability is proportional to the cross-sectional area and capacity of the contact as well as the size of the corresponding terminal. High-capacity switching capability also increases the size of the basic switch.

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