What kind of SMD Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) do you have?

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Omron’s SMD Photomicrosensors(photointerrupters) offer 10 product lines of transmissive (slot) type and 3 product lines of reflective type.


With the increase in downsized electric devices, miniaturization of electronic components is accelerating, so we have been working hard to provide SMD component options. We are currently increasing the product lines of SMD Photomicrosensors in order to cover different sensing areas. In addition, we are offering various Photomicrosensors such as phototransistor output type, photo IC output type for high-speed rotation detection, and 2-channel output type that is suitable for encoders (see the figure below). For more information, refer to the datasheet of each product.

Photomicrosensor:   SMD type lineup

Quick tips

Photo IC output type (3 kHz or more) is suitable for applications requiring quick response applications, such as a high-speed rotation. Omron offers its SMD Photomicrosensors with different aperture widths, EE-SX4320, EE-SX3340/4340, and EE-SX3350/4450. For the phototransistor output type, the load resistance value is determined based on the estimated minimum value of IL. When the resistance value is high, the response speed becomes low. See “Response speed - Load resistance characteristics.” Photo IC output type allows for easier optimization of device/equipment design because adjustment of the load resistance value is not required.

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  • EE-SX4320
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  • EE-SX1340
  • EE-SX3340
  • EE-SX4340
  • EE-SX1350
  • EE-SX3350
  • EE-SX4350
  • EE-SY1200
  • EE-SY1201

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