How long can a relay withstand a momentary power interruption?

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There is no specified time for momentary power interruption. It depends on the circuit and equipment you use.
Please check with the actual equipment.


Release time is listed, but this is not the same amount of time to withstand an instantaneous blackout.
For example, if the “release time is less than or equal to 25 ms,” the voltage is cut off and the motor is always restored within 25 ms.
Both AC and DC coils may be released even if the momentary power interruption lasts for a shorter time than the specified maximum value of release time.

For more information, see Relay Basics:Glossary/Release time, and Laching relays.

Quick tips

If the transition of contact state due to momentary power interruption is a problem, contact operation can be prevented by using a latching relay.

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