Message from the Company President

The mission of the Device & Module Solutions Business (DMS) is: “With our devices and modules, create customer value, and contribute to people and society on the planet.” DMS’s relays, switches, and connectors play vital roles in switching and connective devices, and sensors act as eyes and ears for a wide variety of products. As one of OMRON’s core business units, DMS provides these essential components to customers worldwide in various fields, including home appliance and automotive manufacturing, that support the safety and security of human life.

Managing Executive Officer Company President, Device and Module Solutions Company Shizuto Yukumoto
Managing Executive Officer
Company President, Device & Module Solutions Company
Shizuto Yukumoto

Building a Foundation for Self-driven Growth Engines and Transforming Our Business to Create and Maximize Value for Customers

Aiming to be a business unit that creates value for customers, at DMS we support the growth of OMRON’s target domains with our cutting-edge technologies and reliable manufacturing technologies built over years. Social issues have become more varied and serious in recent years, and our business environment, customers, and competitors are changing drastically. Customers are seeking partners that can flexibly respond to social changes and technology innovation. In addition, electronic components have become a commodity, and new competitors are arising from emerging countries. In such a market environment, OMRON will continue to resolve issues at the customer level with its high-quality products and technologies. During VG2.0, we made various efforts toward value creation in order to build a foundation for sustainable self-driven growth. We conducted organizational reforms and quality improvements as well as developing modules with high added-value that fulfill customers’ requirements. In terms of organizational reforms, we put great emphasis on optimizing production processes so as to reorganize our manufacturing sites from 11 to 7 to supply our components steadily. Building a flexible production system to meet varying demand has successfully improved our capacity utilization rate and production efficiency. In terms of quality improvements, our manufacturing processes, from the development and design stage to production and completion, are thoroughly assessed from the standpoints of verification and validation. Strengthening our quality control system has improved our component quality to ensure the safety of customers’ products. Based on our “self-driven” growth structure, we have identified changes in customers’ requirements and new demand for technology innovation and environmental protection, such as smart products and battery development/direct current power systems, and created a variety of devices and modules. In fiscal 2020, quickly recognizing demand for computer accessories, electric tools, and non-contact applications due to the COVID-19 situation, we developed new products in a timely manner to meet additional demand and customer requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of society, and demand for semiconductors and electronic components has increased for development of batteries as power sources and 5G infrastructure. Requirements for electronic component functions keep changing due to the diversification of lifestyles and environmental changes, providing OMRON with more opportunities to enhance the value of customers’ products. We strive to identify any changes in society and accelerate our R&D to create new products in a timely manner. Furthermore, to improve human life on the planet and develop society, we will keep providing customers worldwide with relays, our main driver, and switches and sensors, our leading products for business growth. There are serious social issues requiring solutions, such as global warming and workforce shortages caused by an aging population and declining birth rate. To realize a carbon-neutral society and safe and secure communication infrastructure, more sophisticated component functions are required for the development of EVs and reliable communication platforms for all. Present circumstances are forcing customers to review all conventional design methods, components, and materials, which means that new market needs are being created. At DMS, we will determine our target domains, identify design issues for customers’ products from the early development phase, and resolve social issues with our core technologies, namely “precise processing technologies” and “combinations of technologies”. We will continue to offer essential key devices in order to achieve ideal solutions to the aforementioned social issues with our customers.

*"VG2.0" refers to the medium-term management plan.