What do VDC and VAC on the relay case indicate?

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VDC is the DC coil voltage and VAC is the AC coil voltage. For example:
G2R-24 24VDC: G2R-24 DC24 is the proper model name.
G2R-24 24VAC: G2R-24 AC24 is the proper model name.


Case indication
Shown below is an example of the relay indication of G2R.

Case indication

Quick tips

When more than one relay voltage is used, check the voltage specification indicated on the case before use.

We have prepared a technical support page dedicated to high-capacity relays that explains in detail "I don't know" when using high-current, high-voltage PCB power relays, such as back EMF voltage (Zener diode and varistor) of the coil, holding voltage application circuit, recommended conditions for high-current substrate flow solder, the influence of magnetic fields, and precautions when connecting in series and parallel. Please also use this as well.
Click here for the high-capacity power relay technical support page.

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