How to read the date of manufacture of the Wireless Hand Switch C2UW?

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Lot No. is indicated in 4 digits on the inside of the battery cover of the hand switch and on the label on the back of the holder.


Lot No.Interpretation
①②③④Date of production
1~9, A(10), C(11), D(12), E(13), F(14), G(15), H(16), J(17), K(18), L(19), M(20), N(21), P(22), R(23), S(24), T(25), U(26), V(27), W(28), X(29), Y(30), Z(31)
Month of production
1~9, X(10), Y(11), Z(12)
Year of production
A(2000), C(2001), D(2002), E(2003), F(2004), G(2005), H(2006), J(2007), K(2008), L(2009), M(2010), N(2011), P(2012), R(2013), S(2014), T(2015), U(2016), V(2017), W(2018), X(2019)
*From 2020 onwards, A~X will be repeated.
Omron's control number
Product category Switches Pushbutton Switches/Indicator
Classification Selection, Characteristics
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