Does Omron have a waterproof DIP switch?

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We do not have waterproof DIP switches. Evaluate models that have dust ingress protection of level 6.


The following models have level 6 ingress protection (IP6):

IP64 equivalent

  • A6D
  • A6DR
  • A6A
  • A6C
  • A6CV

IP60 equivalent

  • A6K
  • A6KS
  • A6R
  • A6RV
  • A6RS

*IP40 equivalent for all other models

Sealed type models equivalent to IP64 (IEC-60529) are resistant to solder flux intrusion and exhibit high reliability even in dusty places and wet areas. Please evaluate under the actual environment.

For more about IP levels, visit Switch Basics: Ingress Protection.

Quick tips

Below are the models equivalent to IP64:

  • Sliding type: A6D
  • Piano type: A6DR
  • Rotary type: A6A/A6C/A6CV

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