What kind of surface mount type products does Omron have?

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We have the following surface mount type tactile switches.
・Standard Type: B3FS, B3U, B3AL
・Sealed type: B3S, B3SN, B3SL, B3SE


Shown below are details of surface mount models for our tactile switches:

  • B3FS: Low-cost standard model
  • B3U: Very small model
  • B3AL: Long stroke model
  • B3S: Sealed model with ground terminal
  • B3SN: Sealed model with ground terminal, gold plated
  • B3SL: Sealed model, rubber plunger
  • B3SE: Sealed model, thin type with a height of 2mm
* Surface mount models are embossed taping specifications.

For more information, see "What is a Tactile Switch?"

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