Can a tactile switch be used instead of a pushbutton switch?

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The prime difference between a pushbutton switch and a tactile switch is rating(resistive load). if the specified rating is met, it is possible to use a tactile swith with the operating precautions shown in Explanation below.


Although pushbutton switches and tactile switches perform the same function, their structures are very different. Some cautionary tips to follow if using tactile switches in the same way as pushbutton switches:

  1. The equioment structure must be designed so that pushing in the tactile switch should be limited. Pushing in the switch with excessive force may degrade the contact dome and/or damage the switch.
  2. A structure that pushes the center of the operation part is desirable. Pushing in the switch diagonally may lead to shorter product life and damage it.
  3. Keeping the switch pushed in may lead to shorter product life and must be avoided.

For more information, see "What is a Tactile Switch?"

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Refer to the pages A5 and A6 of the following webpage: The Solutions: Operation Switches.

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