Which are the waterproof tactile switches?

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Waterproof tactile switches have an IP67 equivalent rating and also go by sealed switches.
Omron’s waterproof (IP67) tactile switch models are as follows:
B3W, B3S, B3SL, B3SN, B3SE, B3WN


Among models with a degree of protection equivalent to IP67, B3W/B3WN are through-hole type and the others are surface mount type. The types with ground terminal and gold plating are as follows:

  • With ground terminal: B3W, B3S, B3SN
  • With gold plating: B3SN

For more information, see "What is a Tactile Switch?"

Quick tips

Although they have the sealing performance equivalent to that of IP67, please note that they cannot be used in an environment where water droplets stick constantly (for a long period of time).

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