What are the characteristics of Omron's tactile switch?

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The characteristics of Omron's tactile switches are as follows:
・The feel of the click demonstrating the switch's reaction
・Stable contact obtained for a long period of time due to the material, surface treatment and shape of the contact dome, which also serves as a moving contact
・Many variations such as sealed type, gold-plated type, and illuminated type


Tactile switches can be categorized into standard and sealed types based on the presence of sealing. They can also be classified as through hole terminal and surface mounting terminal types, depending on the mounting method on a PCB. In addition, there are other variations such as small and thin types in terms of external size, long stroke and middle stroke types in terms of characteristics, and taping in terms of packaging.

Tactile Switches Lineup

For more information, see Tactile Switches.

Quick tips

Please note that depending on the way the switch is pushed (e.g. excessive force and diagonal push), the click feeling may be lost due to damage or deterioration of the contact dome.

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