Which Omron basic switches are UL-certified?

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We have completed transition of basic switch models from former UL1054 to the new UL61058-1. There are some models that are used exclusively for microload and some that did not transition to the new UL. If the switch body does not have UL marking, the switch is not a UL-certified product. Please check the models of S type and J type individually.


The following models are not included in the UL certificate. All the others are certified.

  • Dedicated for microload:
    D2RV, D2QW, D2AW, D2F2, D2LS
  • No UL marking:
    D2VW, D2S, D2SW, D2SW-P, D2F, D2HW, J
    *Among D2VW, those with HS or MS in the tail of the model code are certified models.
    *Among D2SW, those with HS, TS, DS, or MS in the tail of the model code are certified models.
    *There may be certified models individually among those that have no marking. Please contact us.
  • UL-uncertified models:
    V-21 (IN) series/SS (heat resistant)/D2FD/D2JW/D2FW

Quick tips

The applicable standard for basic switches was previously UL1054 but is now UL61058-1.
UL61058-1 conforms to IEC61058-1, the international standard for switches.

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