Which basic switches are available for PCB mounting?

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Omron has basic switches with 3 types of terminals such as straight, self-clinching for PCB through hole mounting such as SS, D2F, D2F2, etc,
The surface mount type basic switches are D2LS.


There are variations that can be mounted to PCB on each model of V type, S type, and J type basic switches.
The terminal shapes are as follows:

  • Straight terminal:
    SS, D2F, D2FS
  • Self-clinching terminal:
    D2S, D2F, D2FS
  • Angle terminal:
    V, D2F, D2FS

*There is no type of packaging (taping, stick) that can be automatically mounted.


D2LS is a surface mount model with embossed taping specifications.

Self-clinching terminals / Angle PCB terminals

For more details, see "What is a Basic Switch?" Structures.

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