Does Omron have a basic switch with lead wires?

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We have the following sealed basic switches (IP67) with lead wires:
V size: D2VW
S size: D2SW, D2SWP
J size: D2HW, D2FW, D2JW, D2QW, D2AW


Our sealed basic switches with lead wires (IP67) have the lead wire mounting part of the terminal resin-sealed, and the terminal part also maintains IP67. Standard specifications are those of 300 mm, but special specifications are also available depending on the quantity.

Quick tips

While the specification of the lead wire length is 300 mm, D2VW and D2SW are also available in 1,000 mm versions. You can cut the length for your usage. For the J size type, there is a variety of types in the lead wire extending direction (down, right, left).

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