Does Omron have a waterproof model (IP67) with a small operating force (OF)?

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We have the following sealed basic switches with minimum OF, as shown in the catalog:
・D2VW: OF 1.96 N / 200 gf (pushbutton), 0.59 N / 60 gf (long hinge lever)
・D2SW: OF 1.77 N / 181 gf (pushbutton), 0.59 N / 60 gf (hinge lever)
・D2HW: OF 0.75 N / 77 gf (pushbutton), 0.50 N / 51 gf (long hinge lever)


Due to the high airtightness of the sealed basic switch (IP67 specification), it is necessary to increase the release force (RF) compared to the open type because contraction of the internal air may delay the release when the temperature becomes low while it is being pushed in. As a result, sealed models generally require higher operating force than that of open types.

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