What is a non-current-carrying metal part for a basic switch?

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The non-current-carrying metal part is a metal part that is not directly energized.
For basic switches, levers and rivets (if applicable) are the uncharged parts.


The non-current-carrying metal part is not directly related to the electrical opening and closing of the switch. The presence of the metal parts may shorten the insulation distance between the internal current supply parts and the ground (such as the metal to which the switch is attached). For this reason, the guaranteed values of insulation resistance and withstand voltage from that part are indicated.

Insulation resistance meter (Megger)

Quick tips

Omron has the following basic switches that use rivets:

  • V (thermosetting type), D2MV, D2RV, D2MC, SS *Note that we have the lever actuator option for every model.
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