Can an actuator be incorporated later?

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Omron’s V size basic switches have optional actuators (VAL, VAV, VAM) that can be incorporated later.


The following actuators can be incorporated later:

  1. Type VAL: Leaf spring type
    Suitable to operate a basic switch with relatively less frequent rotary cams or sliding.
  2. Type VAV: Hinge lever type
    Can be used where a small operating force (OF) is required.
  3. Type VAM: Reverse hinge lever type
    Operation is reversed and excellent in vibration and impact resistance. Since the overtravel (OT) is large, it can be used for automatic control of machine tools and door switches.
  4. Type V-VAQ, TypeSS-A2A
    Basic switches can be used in the same way as pushbuttons.

For more information, see "Basic Switch Common Accessories".

Quick tips

In some cases, the standard type lever cannot be set (the operating position cannot be adjusted). An actuator lever that will be mounted later can be processed before mounting. Please do not process the lever type; otherwise a problem may occur.

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