Which basic switches have gold-plated contacts?

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Gold contacts are mainly used in 0.1A rated Omron basic switches.
VX-01, D2MV-01, D2MC-01, D2VW-01
SS-01, D2S-01, D3M-01, D2SW-01, SS-01P, D2SW-P01
D2F-01, D2FD-01, D2HW, D2JW-01, D2FW-G01
Gold-plated sliding contact: D2QW-C0


Gold-based contacts are resistant to environmental influences such as corrosion (e.g. sulfurization and oxidation) and suitable for microload switching. The gold contacts are crossbar contacts, as shown below.

Typical Contact Shapes

For more information, please see "Switch Basics".

Quick tips

The minimum applied load is determined by the contact material and shape. The minimum applied load varies depending on the model. Please check the catalog. If silver contacts are opened and closed frequently (preferably at least once a day), the contact surfaces may be cleaned by electrical opening and closing to prevent corrosion.

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