Which reflective type Photomicrosensors(Photointerrupter) are recommended for precise positioning?

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For high-precision positioning and micro-object detection with reflective Photomicrosensors(Photointerrupter), consider EE-SY169A or EE-SY169B with built-in high-performance lens.



Model EE-SY169 series was developed as a reflective sensor for positioning print marks on printer paper. With the optimum optical design for light emission/reception and high-performance lens, high-precision positioning of ±0.6 mm is possible (sensing distance: 4 mm). Since reflectance varies depending on the wavelength of printing ink, the following two types are available. Select the one that has the larger S/N ratio (light current ratio) with and without the mark.
EE-SY169A: Infrared LED (peak emission wavelength: 920 nm)
EE-SY169B: Red LED (peak emission wavelength: 660 nm), low reflectance on dye ink

EE-SY169B: Sensing Position Characteristics (Typical)

Quick tips

EE-SY169 series is also suitable for the detection of micro objects because the light spot diameter at the sensing distance of 4 mm is small. However, when detecting a glossy object, the reflected light may not enter the light receiving element depending on the angle setting due to the small spot diameter. In addition, as the infrared LED generally changes less over time than the red LED, we recommend using the infrared LED if sufficient light current can be obtained.

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