Which built-in type Photomicrosensors(photointerrupters) are suitable for easy wiring that are not board-mount type?

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Consider using the connector-type EE-SX3162P series transmissive (slot) type Photomicrosensors.


In the past, when a sensing object was located away from the main circuit board of the equipment, the customer manufactured a dedicated printed circuit board and installed a board-mount type Photomicrosensors. The connector-type transmissive (slot) type Photomicrosensors EE-SX3162P series can effectively reduce design time, assembly, and maintenance steps, as well as the size of equipment by integrating the sensor, board, and connector. In addition, it offers the lineup that can be mounted in the X, Y, and Z directions, enhancing the degree of freedom of design. Its photo IC output is easy to use and 5 V and 12 V power supply voltage types are available.

Built-in Type Photomicrosensors

For more information, please see "Photomicrosensors Selection Guide"

Quick tips

The mounting holes of the above-mentioned series are for M2, but M3 type and 24 V power supply type are available for some models. For details, see EE-SX3173/4173-P datasheet. Also, use the dedicated wire harness (sold separately).

EE-5002 1M
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