Are there any built-in type reflective Optical Sensors with a long sensing distance of a few hundred millimeters?

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For long-range detection by a photosensor, consider using the diffuse reflective type Optical Sensor B5W-DB series.



B5W-DB series is the built-in type diffuse reflective type sensor. Even though it is small, its sensing distance is 550 mm (white paper) and long-distance detection is possible. In addition, it is equipped with a circuit that is not easily affected by external light due to its modulated light system. Typical applications include sanitary and disinfecting devices, used as touchless switches to detect palms or hands. For details, see B5W-DB datasheet.

B5W-DB: Operating Range / Up and Down (TYP.)
B5W-DB: Receiver output - sensing distance characteristics (TYP.)

Quick tips

The sensing distance described in the datasheet is specified for a white paper. When designing actual equipment, consider the size, shape, surface condition, and reflectivity of the sensing object, and perform a sufficient evaluation. For applications requiring adjustment of the sensing distance, such as when there is a background object, consider using the B5W-DB11A1. The sensing distance can be varied from 150 to 550 mm (white paper) by the limited resistance value outside the sensor. For details, see B5W-LB11A1: datasheet.

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