How long can the cable of the light convergent reflective type Optical Sensor B5W-LB be extended?

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We recommend that the longest cable length should be no more than 2 m. If longer cable is necessary, please use capacitors according to the instructions described in the product specification sheet.


When extending the cable, take into account the effect of voltage drop due to the resistance component of the wire material as well as the effect of noise from wiring and cables of other equipment.
If the cable length is 2 m or more, install a capacitor of 10 μF or higher (e.g. an aluminum electrolytic capacitor) within 2 m from the sensor. In this case, you must design the total length up to about 5 m. Also, fully evaluate the voltage difference between the end of the cable and the sensor as well as the noise level.

If the cable length is 2 m or more

Quick tips

If the length exceeds 5 m, use a PLC to capture the sensor output and transmit it using the PLC’s communications function.

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