Can Photomicrosensors be used for in-vehicle equipment?

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Omron’s Photomicrosensors are not for use on automotive equipment.


Omron’s Optical Sensors (including Photomicrosensors) are designed and manufactured as general-purpose industrial products. Do not use them for automotive (including motorcycle) applications. Omron does not have Optical Sensors supporting in-vehicle applications.

Quick tips

Omron has relays and switches for automobiles. In order to ensure the safe use of these products, Omron confirms product specifications and actual usage with automobile manufacturers and auto equipment manufacturers, and conducts evaluation tests, before agreeing on their specifications and using them. If we do not agree on specifications, we cannot sell or guarantee them.
Generally, we do not sell these to corporate or individual customers other than automobile manufacturers and auto equipment manufacturers, and we cannot respond to transactions or inquiries. Also, when considering Omron’s in-vehicle products or when using the catalog, please make sure to check the “Common Precautions.”

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