Are the temperature conditions for manual soldering the same as those for PCB relays?

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The temperature conditions are 350°C and within 3 seconds, or 260°C and within 10 seconds.
Although they are slightly different from those for PCB relays, perform soldering under conditions that do not give heat stress.


MOS FET relay manual soldering conditions

  • Manual soldering must be within 3 seconds at 350°C or within 10 seconds at 260°C.
  • Manual soldering conditions for VSON, S-VSON, and P-SON series products should be within 10 seconds at 260°C.
  • Manual soldering can be done once. Do not reuse the product that has been removed to rework.
    • For more information, see Common Precautions for All MOS FET Relays: Solder Mounting
      For more information, see Safty Precautions for All Relays: 6-10 Automatic Mounting of Relays for PCBs.

Quick tips

Try to use a soldering iron with as low a wattage as possible to reduce the effect of heat.

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