Many power relays are used on PCBs for I/O output. Is there a limit to the distance between relays?

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Since power relays consume more coil power and have higher contact ratings than signal (communication) relays, they are easily affected by heat between relays in close mounting. They must be mounted at certain intervals.


  1. Ambient temperature
    Check the individual catalog before mounting the relays. For relays that are specified to be mounted individually, make sure to mount them at an interval equal to or greater than the specified value.
    Mounting two or more relays may cause abnormal heat generation due to interaction. In addition, if a large number of PCBs are stacked by card rack mounting, the temperature may rise abnormally.
    Install the relays with appropriate space to dissipate heat so that the ambient temperature of the relay will be within the specified operating temperature range.
  2. Mutual magnetic interference
    Mounting two or more relays may interfere with each other due to the magnetic field generated by each relay, which may change the relay characteristics. Check on the actual equipment before use.

Mounting interval example
The following is an example of setting the mounting interval. Mount the relays on PCBs based on this setting.


Quick tips

If you wish to mount relays closely but close mounting is not described in the product catalog, please contact us.

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