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OMRON SWITCH & DEVICES Corporation President and CEO

We contribute to value creation for customers by “MONOZUKURI”.

We produce and supply switches and connectors to a wide range of customers for consumer, industrial and automotive equipment.

We expand our business globally together with each company of OMRON Electronic Components Business (Device & Module Solutions Company).

Customer needs are not only specification of products but also lead time of development and procurement, contents of proposal and prompt action.

On the major premise that we will meet customers’ quality expectations, each of our staff members always think about “customer value creation”, deliver a product together with an impression, and continuously aim to become a partner who can grow and develop with customers.

Our switches and connectors make life more comfortable and provide peace of mind and safety to people all over the world. We will continue to grow ourselves as the company that customers choose.

June, 2023
Hiroyuki Ohigashi
President and CEO