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Environmental Management

The OMRON Group (hereinafter referred to as “OMRON”) is committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibility to address the threat of climate change in accordance with the OMRON Principles. Specifically, we have established “Key environmental issues OMRON should address” and “Action Guidelines” as “OMRON Environmental Policy”, and we will promote decarbonization and strive to reduce our environmental impact on this Policy.

Key environmental issues OMRON should address

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    To prevent and mitigate climate change-caused significant impact on the ecological system and society, OMRON will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain. We will practice this idea through measures such as providing products and services that contribute to decarbonization, improving energy usage efficiency, and expanding the use of renewable energy.
  2. Transitioning to a circular economy
    To cope with resource depletion and environmental destruction, OMRON will promote transition to a circular economy. We will practice this idea through measures such as seeking to transform our business models, extending product life, expanding recovery & recycling, procuring circular supply, and maximizing resource recyclability.
  3. Coexisting with nature
    To ensure and maintain opportunities for activities of wholesome and cultured living aspects for all humankind including future generations, OMRON will work in coexisting in harmony with nature. We will practice this idea through measures such as preventing pollution, managing hazardous chemical substances appropriately, using water resource effectively, conserving biodiversity, and engaging in responsible procurement with sustainability in mind.

Action Guidelines

  1. Governance to fulfill corporate responsibility
    OMRON will establish a global environmental management system as we seek to continuously improve our environmental performance. As for the system to assume the responsibility covering OMRON’s entire value chain, the Senior General Manager of the Global Human Resources and Administration HQ, the Senior General Manager of the Global Procurement, Quality and Logistics HQ, and the Senior General Managers of the related business division, who have been delegated authority from the President and CEO, will be responsible for promoting measures for environment, respectively. Important environment-related items will be decided on by the Board of Directors, with the execution status of determined matters to be reported by the President and CEO to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for oversight and supervising execution.
  2. Compliance with legal and other requirements
    OMRON will comply with legal requirements and additionally address issues of the international community to take autonomous action. When expanding our business through M&A and other projects, we will conduct due diligence to identify potential environmental risks and appropriately address the identified risks.
  3. Providing products/services through partnerships with stakeholders
    To resolve key environmental issues, OMRON will collaborate with various stakeholders to provide products and services that contribute to a sustainable society.
  4. Stakeholder engagement and information disclosure
    OMRON will emphasize engagement with customers, investors, suppliers, and various other stakeholders. We will also promote periodic information disclosure conforming to international disclosure guidelines such as Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations.
  5. Enhancing environmental awareness
    OMRON will provide appropriate education and training to ensure all executives and employees enhance their environmental awareness and work to resolve environmental issues.
  6. Environmental policy formulation and review
    OMRON has formulated this Policy with the approval of the Board of Directors. To effectively address environmental issues that may change in response to social trends and the changing business environment, this Policy will be undergone periodic reviews and revisions as required.

Revised: March 1, 2022
Omron Corporation
Chief Executive Officer
Yoshihito Yamada