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Basic Switches

Snap-action switches with minute spacing between contacts capable of accommodating diverse applications from home appliances to industrial equipment.

Tactile Switches / DIP Switches

Easy-to-operate, space-saving switches ideally suited for settings of home appliances and commercial equipment.

Rocker Switches / Toggle Switches

Switches with long life and high contact reliability, useful for a wide range of applications from home appliances to measuring devices.

Specialty Switches / Sensors

Switches and sensors designed for specific types of devices, such as amusement equipment and gas meters.

Automotive Switches

Switches with functionality and design that match ever-evolving automobile concepts.

Limit Switches

Rugged detection switches with a protective structure that withstands use in tough factory-floor conditions.

Pushbutton Switches

User-friendly operation and superior visibility optimize these switches for interfacing machines and people.

Safety Switches

Switches designed to detect machine/equipment door position and open/close status, activating emergency stops to safeguard factory workers from hazards.