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At a universal design comfortable workplace that conforms to international standards, we provide highly reliable products.

The main products produced at Omron Taiyo are sockets used in power relays for industrial equipment. Omron relays have won a high level of trust in the market, and are essential products for factory automation. At present, socket production reaches as much as 10 million units per year.

Socket group

  • Sockets Used in relays, timers, counters, and other connection wiring, which are used in various control devices. Monthly production reaches to more than 1 million units.
  • P6B socket Compact socket for PCB relays.
  • PYF socket Socket used in standard universal relays, which are mainly incorporated into control panels.
  • PT socket Socket used in standard universal relays, which are mainly incorporated into control panels.
  • End plate Fixture for fixing relay sockets.

Switch, sensor, connector group

  • Thumb rotor switch Thumb rotary switch  Switch for rotating a character wheel to set a contact element to be opened or closed. It is also called a digital switch, and comes in various sizes and operation methods.
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  • Micro switch Micro switch  Used mainly as a door switch in facilities, for power source ON/OFF, etc., based on door opening and closing.
  • Connector Connector  Connection part used to perform model switching in facilities engaged in multiple parts model production.
  • OA sensor OA sensor  Transmission type performs detection of objects transiting a projection receiver. Used as parts in OA devices, etc., for detection of all objects with a high degree of operations stability.
  • Proximity switch Proximity switch  Can be used in wiring for one-touch operations switch panel units, and is used in operations panels for automated operation devices, etc.
  • Trigger switch Trigger switch  Trigger-style switch used in electromotive tools.
  • Thumb rotor switch with external stopper Thumb rotor switch with external stopper


  • OFE repair service Repair service  Performs repairs of ATM devices and integral units used at banks, post offices, and various other financial institutions, etc.

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