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Message from Executive Management

President Ikuo Tateishi

"Creating a society where no one is unhappy and everyone can feel the joy of life" OMRON Taiyo Co., Ltd. is the site that embodies this belief that has been passed down continuously from our predecessors.

Established in 1972 as a first welfare factory for people with disabilities (currently a special subsidiary) in collaboration with the social welfare corporation Japan Sun Industries in Japan. Since then, for 49 years, we have created an era as a pioneer of a symbiotic society in which we work together and contribute to customers and society together, regardless of whether or not we have a disability.

We manufacture relay sockets for control equipment, which is OMRON's main product, and various switches, eliminating any compromises in terms of quality, delivery, cost, etc., and providing value that exceeds customer expectations.

Thereby we will promote "universal manufacturing" in which everyone can play an active role and exert their abilities together, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, and develop production jigs, equipment, and work environments tailored to each and every person. We are making improvements every day.

While SDGs, symbiotic society, Diversity & Inclusion, etc. are touted, we will strive to contribute to customers and create a future originating in the field by gathering the thoughts, ingenuity and team power of each person working in the field.

In addition to seeing this website, please come to the local factory for direct experience and dialogue!

Omron Taiyo Health Management Declaration

As a member of the OMRON Group, we at OMRON Taiyo continue to take on the challenge of solving various social issues by creating pioneering social needs toward the idea of creating a better society.

We believe that "human happiness" is at the center of all of this, and it is rewarding to believe in the instincts and functional strengths of each and every worker and to bring out the full potential of human beings. We will promote healthy management by creating a rewarding environment and placing it as the essence.