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Operations Policy

Aim to provide quality, highly reliable products that conform to international standards.
Also, aim to engage in environmental conservation, and to create a comfortable and safe workplace.

Efforts at Omron Taiyo

At Omron Taiyo, we aim to provide quality, highly reliable products that conform to international standards, and are engaged in various activities for adherence to environmental conservation, labor safety, and high quality.
Through firm application of "5S Activities", one aspect of our activities, we aim for further improvement of the workplace environment.

ISO9001  - Quality -

Our goal is to be always providing products that satisfy the customer, and to work through this to contribute to society. Building and executing a quality system based on international quality assurance standards, and "quality activities" that place priority on quality, is the basis for the corporate activities of all our employees.

ISO9001 Management System Registration Certificate   

ISO14001  - Environment -

We are engaged in firmly preparing for the effects of our business activities, products, and services on the environment, and have set voluntary standards for environmental conservation. To protect a healthy and prosperous global environment, we work to prevent environmental pollution.

* For garbage collection within the factory, we sort items by combustibles, metals, books, reusable paper, general plastics, and plastic PVCs, etc., and perform measurement by weight. In addition, we are daily engaged in energy savings, resource savings, and reduction and recycling of wastes, etc.


5S Activities

What are 5S Activities
These are activities for maintenance and improvement of manufacturing spaces and other workplace environments, and have been refined down to the five items of Seiri (organization), Seiton (neatness), Seiketsu (hygiene), Seisou (cleaning), and Shitsuke (discipline), each starting with the letter S, and called the "5S Activities".
Activities content
To ensure that detailed cleaning within the factory site can be performed quickly, we have mounted shelves and cabinets, etc., on casters to facilitate thorough cleaning.
The above is performed once a month during a 5S Patrol activity, and any non-compliances are corrected.
  • Adoption of storage standards
  • Adoption of displays, signs, partitions, and passageway widths
  • Adoption of usage standards for work tables, machinery, and facilities
  • Wearing of clean caps, work uniforms, and work shoes
  • Wheelchair cleaning

5S Activities Diagram: Seiri (organization), Seiton (neatness), Seiketsu (hygiene), Seisou (cleaning), Shitsuke (discipline)