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Born in 1927, in Beppu-shi, Oita-ken.
Graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine, and then entered the university's Orthopedic Medicine Bureau.
Advanced on the path of medical rehabilitation research, which at the time was an unexplored sector.

Inspired by an encounter with Dr. Ludwig Guttman of Britain, who held the view that "the most effective treatment method for persons with physical disabilities is sports", decided to dedicate his life to helping persons with physical disabilities participate in society, particular through self-reliance and sports.

Working from the belief that merely caring for persons with disabilities is not enough, but that having a job and being self-reliant is more important, and based on the principle of "even if there are persons (children) in the world with physical or mental disabilities, they should not have to face barriers at work," founded Japan Sun Industries in 1965.

As a result of going around to various corporations looking for a place where persons with disabilities could work, was able with the cooperation of Mr. Kazuma Tateishi of Omron Corporation to launch the joint venture company Omron Taiyo Electric Co. Ltd., in 1972. In later years, as well, was able to establish joint venture companies with major corporations, contributing greatly to the societal rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

Japan Sun Industries founder  Yutaka Nakamura
Omron Corporation founder  Kazuma Tateishi

Born in 1900 in Kumamoto-shi.
Graduated from the Kumamoto Higher Technical School (now the Kumamoto University Faculty of Engineering) in the Electrical Department No.1 Electrochemistry, and then accumulated a wide area of experience, engaging in the development of domestic production for an "induction-type protection relay device" that had been developed in the US. The technology acquired at this time became the basic for founding Tateishi Electric (now Omron).

In 1971, received a request from Dr. Yutaka Nakamura, founder of Japan Sun Industries, and author Chieko Akiyama for assistance in the construction and operation of a special factory for societal rehabilitation of persons with severe disabilities.
While it was a difficult problem, coming immediately after the Japan economy had been hit by the Nixon Shock, being a person who never took the easy way out and determined to rise to difficult challenges, agreed to take on establishment of "Omron Taiyo Electric Co. Ltd."

Then, in 1985, established Kyoto Omron Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.
The spirit of the company motto, "create a better society", lives on even today.

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