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Privacy Policy

Omron Taiyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "the Company") observes the laws and other norms related to protection of personal information, and suitably handles personal information provided from customers. Handling of customer information collected by the Company is performed as shown below.

1. Purpose for Use of Personal Information

Personal information that has been input is used for sending notifications in response to inquiries from customers, and for other purposes, listed below.

  1. Provision and maintenance of products and services handled by the Company and by affiliate companies and tie-up partners (hereafter called "products, etc.") for which customers have applied or purchased
  2. Provision of and guide to various information such as planning, development, manufacture, and installation related to products, etc., and commercial product information, etc.
  3. Contract-related management related to provision of products, etc., and to other business activities
  4. Guide to and implementation of campaigns, exhibitions, and other events related to products, etc.
  5. Provision and sending of catalogs, CD-ROMs, and various other materials and samples, etc., related to products, etc.
  6. Questionnaires and other surveys and analyses related to products, etc.

2. Shared Use

The Company may share between Omron Corporation, the Omron Group, and the Japan Sun Industries Group, as well as distribution agents and sales agents, etc., the personal information of customers for shared use within the range of the purposes listed in 1. above.

3. Clarification of Intent for Provision to a Third Party

With the exception of the cases listed below, the Company will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party.

  1. When based on law.
  2. When necessary for the protection of human life or limb, or property, and obtaining customer consent is difficult.
  3. When particularly necessary for improvement of public health or for promotion of healthy development of children, and obtaining customer consent is difficult.
  4. When necessary for cooperating with national government institutions or local public authorities, or with persons who have been delegated such authority, in execution of administration stipulated by law, and there is concern that obtaining customer consent could obstruct execution of the said administration.
  5. When part or all of business operations have been consigned to an operations vendor for smooth promotion of business operations. Note that, in this case, the Company shall conclude an agreement with the operations vendor regarding the handling and safe protection of personal information, and shall perform suitable management.
  6. When customer consent has already been obtained.

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