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G9EB-1 DC Power Relays(25-A Models)

DC Power Relays Capable of Interrupting High-voltage, High-current DC Load

  • Utilizes a unique gas-filled, fully sealed, non-ceramic construction achieved by using resin with a metal case. This reduces the need for special processing and materials that were required with previous models, resulting in a low-cost relay that is both compact and lightweight.
  • Smallest and lightest in its class at 25 × 60 × 58 mm and approximately 135 g. This is approximately half the volume and a third of the weight of other DC Power Relays in the same class (400VDC, 25 A).*
  • The unique design of the contact switching component and permanent magnet for blowing out the arc eliminates the need for polarity in the main circuit (contact terminal). This improves ease of wiring and installation, and contributes to providing failsafe measures against incorrect wiring.

Discontinuation Date: Mar. 31, 2021

RoHS Compliant
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